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Tigray School Reconstruction

In late 2023, we received a special request from Save the Children for help in funding the reconstruction of nine damaged schools, two health facilities in Tigray. It is an ambitious project, funded in large part by the estate of Mimi O’Hagan, a philanthropist who spent many years in the province.

Ethiopian Humanitarian Relief Campaign

Ethiopia still needs you.

The turmoil in Ethiopia no longer makes the headlines, but the humanitarian crisis continues. Ethnic conflicts, internal and external refugee displacements, drought, famine, and Covid-19 plague the country. So it is clear that we need to renew and expand our fund drive to help the people of Ethiopia.

General Donation

Help EERPCVs with our operating costs!

Axum Children's Library

Championed by Dwight Sullivan (Yergalem, Dodola, 1970-72) and Janet Lee (Emdeber 1974-76)

Supporting the development of a children’s library in Axum.

Hesperian Health Guides for Rural Communities

E&ERPCVs partners with the respected Hesperian Health Guides, publisher of illustrated health guides (including the well-known manual  Where There Is No Doctor), for use by health care workers in remote communities around the world.

ITC for Mettu School

Championed by Patti Garamendi (Mettu 66–68) and Faith Garamendi

Joining in the efforts of the Ethiopia-approved NGO Alumni Association of St. Gabriel School in Mettu, Ethiopia, along with parents and community members to bring computer literacy and enhanced learning to the students of this primary-middle school through a project entitled “Enhancing the Quality of Education Through ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Labs at St. Gabriel Primary School.”

Borana Student Advancement

Since 2004, the Ethiopian registered charity Mega Vision Developmental Association (MVDA) has provided support for students from the Borana region in far southern Ethiopia.