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Tigray Humanitarian Relief Campaign

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Sadly, the situation in Tigray continues to deteriorate. Millions in the region face the threat of famine as they flee the ongoing violence. According to a recent report in the Economist, the suffering is worsening. Large numbers of the population are malnourished. Food insecurity is growing.

E&ERPCVs has been in direct contact with three major NGOs working in Tigray: the International Rescue Committee (IRC), Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), and Save the Children (STC).

Their reach spans the globe, but they have told us that any funds we donate to them will be earmarked for Tigray humanitarian relief.

  • IRC: “The IRC is working in Tigray to support 90,000 refugees in four camps with a range of services, including clean water, sanitation, primary healthcare and education.”
  • MSF: “Of 106 health facilities visited by MSF teams in Tigray from mid-December to early March, nearly 70 percent had been looted and more than 30 percent had been damaged. Only 13 percent were functioning normally.”
  • STC: “Save the Children is on the ground in Tigray delivering life-saving assistance. We are working to provide urgently needed medical and food supplies to children and families. We've also set up a child-friendly space, where children can play safely and are continuing with distributions.“

You may donate in one of two ways:

Send a check to:

Ethiopia & Eritrea RPCVs, Inc.
1634 Martha Terrace
Rockville, MD 20852

Make the check payable to Ethiopia & Eritrea RPCVs, Inc. and write “Tigray Relief” on the memo line. Also, please include with your check both your home address and your email address.

Or, you may donate by credit card by clicking on the donate button for Tigray.