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Ethiopian Humanitarian Relief Campaign

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The turmoil in Ethiopia no longer makes the headlines, but the humanitarian crisis continues. Ethnic conflicts, internal and external refugee displacements, drought, famine, and Covid-19 plague the country. So it is clear that we need to renew and expand our fund drive to help the people of Ethiopia.

We have been in touch with our three NGO partners. They are still active in various parts of the country.

Save the Children told us that it was “among the first respondents to the conflict in Tigray, while also continuing our humanitarian assistance to the prolonged crises in other regions. Our work in Tigray includes distribution of food, providing displaced children and families with healthcare, and supporting the nutritional needs of pregnant and nursing women.”

Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders has teams in various parts of the country providing medical care. According to an MSF representative, “our activities in Afar, Gambella, and Somali regions are filling health care gaps and responding to emergency needs. MSF also has activities assisting Ethiopian refugees in Sudan.” You can view a sample of their work in this video:

The International Rescue Committee put Ethiopia on its 2022 emergency watch list. It ranks Ethiopia as the country, after Afghanistan, most at risk of a worsening humanitarian crisis. A recent IRC report stated, “Conflict in northern Ethiopia has led over 2 million people to be displaced and left millions in need of humanitarian assistance. Coupled with weather shocks, Covid-19, no end to the conflict, and insufficient humanitarian access, millions of people will fall into further need if the crisis continues unabated.”

We started this humanitarian fund-raising campaign in 2021. Your response back then was tremendous. Unfortunately, the suffering continues, so we ask you again to help us help our NGO partners do their remarkable work in Ethiopia.


You may donate in one of two ways:

Send a check to:

Ethiopia & Eritrea RPCVs, Inc.
1634 Martha Terrace
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Make the check payable to Ethiopia & Eritrea RPCVs, Inc. and write “Ethiopian Humanitarian Relief” on the memo line. Also, please include with your check both your home address and your email address.

Or, you may donate by credit card by clicking on the donate button here.

E&E RPCVs, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization.


Thank you again.


EERPCVs Board of Directors

Photo credit Igor G. Barbero, MSF/MSF