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Be a Champion

Segenat Children and Youth Library, Mekelle. Photo by Janet Lee

Can you identify/design a project that you would like to see sponsored by E&E RPCVs that would promote opportunities to achieve sustainable development, relieve poverty and/or improve the quality of life in your countries of service? Is there a project you would like to support that will supplement, extend, and further the work of PCVs currently in your country of service?

Would you willing to become the “champion” of that project by shepherding its development and personally pledging 10% of its estimated cost to assure the success of the project?

If so, any RPCV (or staff member who served in Ethiopia or Eritrea) should submit a Preliminary Project Proposal (PPP) of at least one page to a board member. The Proposal will be sent to board members, who will review it, suggest changes if needed, and make a decision on feasibility.

If approved, applicants will then be asked to prepare a Final Proposal that will include:

  1. What is the proposed title of the project? (should be short and self-explanatory; see other Legacy project titles.
  2. Who will serve as the project champion(s)? How will the champion exercise oversight?
  3. What is the need to be met by the proposed project and why is it important or critical to meet this need?
  4. What service(s) and/or benefit(s) will the project provide?
  5. Who and how many are the beneficiaries?
  6. What are the target finances required (for new projects we ask that there be a specific financial goal set rather than an open-ended one. If a project is a success, the champion(s) may request that the project be extended without a terminal goal). How much money should be raised in the first year?
  7. Will the funds be used to support or expand an existing effort or to create an entirely new activity?
  8. What cooperator(s) will provide the service(s) in-country? How long has it been in operation? What is the evidence that it is capable of providing such services in an appropriate and cost-effective manner? What is its approximate annual budget and what portion of its annual budget is the proposed project budget? Is the local Cooperator able to receive external funding? Over what period of time will the project be implemented?
  9. How will the project be monitored and evaluated? What are the outcomes or benefits or changes that can be measured or analyzed to document the project’s success?
  10. The champion and cooperator must demonstrate that they are able and willing to provide a full accounting of all funds expended each year of the project and at its conclusion. Projects will be suspended if such adequate accounting of expenditures is not provided.  
  11. Are there other projects, part of the RPCV Legacy Program or otherwise, that provide similar services in the same geographic area and, if so, is the proposed project redundant or are there compelling reasons for carrying out the proposed project?

If your proposed project is accepted by the board for sponsorship, the board will help you (if needed):

  • Develop an efficient and effective project with the potential for long-term impact.
  • Assist you in obtaining talent to make the project a success (fellow E&E RPCVs or others).
  • Publicize the project in our Peace Corps community on our website, via email, Facebook, and in The Herald.
  • Provide guidance and support in raising the funds necessary to implement the project.
  • Offer support in the development of evaluation procedures for the project.

Project fulfillment  

  • All donations for an RPCV Legacy Program project will be made to E&E RPCVs by check or via PayPal as allowed on the E&E RPCV website.
  • Funds will be disbursed to a cooperating entity in the U.S. or in Ethiopia via check or wire transfer.  No funds will be transferred to personal accounts. A permanent point of contact must have a reliable means of contact, such as an email, for verification of receipt of transfer.
  • The Champion and the cooperating entity must report on the progress of the project on a periodic basis, during fundraising and after disbursement of funds. 
  • As guidance, the Champion/cooperating entity will use a form that will be provided upon the project's approval. 
  • Report Period:
    • 6 months after project approval
    • 12 months after project approval
    • Annually thereafter until project completion
  • Report Due Date
    • 60 days from the end of the report period
  • Submission

Be a Supporter

If you would like to support the Program, but do not want to champion a project, there are two ways in which you can help:

  1. You can make a financial donation to support a project of your choice.
  2. You can volunteer your talents to help a project succeed. We are especially looking for people to help with fundraising.

Learn More

If you would like to have more information about becoming a project champion or supporter, contact a board member.

* Ethiopia & Eritrea RPCVs (E&E RPCVs) provides the opportunity to continue your commitment to these countries through the RPCV Legacy Program. E&E RPCVs is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit tax-exempt organization; consequently, all donations to the projects are tax-deductible. All work by RPCVs to administer the projects is done on a volunteer basis, so your entire donation will be used for the projects.